Phil Condit is a multiple award-winning filmmaker, photographer and artist working out of the Los Angeles area.

His background includes a degree in fine art, with several shows of his paintings and sculptures. While still in college, Phil produced and directed two award-winning films, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: an experiment in technique circa 1916” and “Some Tormenting Dream” a dramatization of the suicide of a fellow student.

During the 1970s, 80s and 90s, Phil dedicated himself to creating award-winning documentaries and programs designed to help people afflicted with physical and mental disorders. Notable among these films were, “Tourette Syndrome: the Sudden Intruder”, the first document, in any form, to define the disorder; and “Portrait of an Autistic Young Man”, an in-depth look at one high-functioning autistic young man and the support system that enabled him to function in the world.

In 1991 Phil founded PHC Productions with a two-fold mission: first, to bring cutting edge digital technology to the film and video industries; and second, to embrace his newfound passion for photography.

Phil Condit brings the joy of creativity and love of beautifully crafted imagery to every endeavor he undertakes. He passionately strives for excellence, to exceed expectations and fulfill every project’s full potential.